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  • Reflections from a Windy Classroom

    “This isn’t how I expected my last semester at Westmont to go,” I reflected, as my papers swirled away from me in the wind and the tent poles above me creaked ominously. I briefly weighed whether or not this tent would blow down a second time; it collapsed during Christmas break, which was why I was sitting in the gym parking lot and not on Winter lawn. “I’d give it a 30 percent chance,” I decided.

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  • The Best Four Years of Your Life?

    College is the best four years of your life...right?

    Coming into my first year, I remember arriving full of a giddy delight in all things college: new friends, a new city, and a long-awaited new sense of independence and adventure. I was really going to have the best four years of my life. And I still believe these four years are wonderful and important: a sweet season of life.

    But even at a place like Westmont, life can still be hard. Maybe this year you have been overwhelmed with classes, never having had to put in effort for an A (or even a C) before.

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  • The 12 Days of Christmas: COVID Edition

    Feeling down that you have to cancel big holiday plans? Don’t worry, because we have your ultimate holiday-at-home bucket list! 

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  • What's Up with the Enneagram, Anyways?

    When you first get to Westmont, there are lots of people to meet and plenty of small talk to be had. You know the drill: “Oh, hi! What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your major?” If you’re a first-year student (or just live under a rock), you were probably caught off guard the first time you heard this one: “What’s your Enneagram number?” For those of you still perplexed, here is a quick Enneagram 101 lesson.

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  • The Only 10 Roommate Rules You’ll Ever Need

    Is this semester your first time having a roommate? Or did you forget how to live with people after being alone so long in quarantine? If so, here are 10 rules to step up your roommate game!

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  • Redefining Intentionality: Does Christian Dating Culture Need a Re-write?

    Deciding to go to a Christian liberal arts college definitely had some perks. I knew I would be learning from professors who loved God. I would be uniting my mind and spirit. I would have to (sorry, get to) attend chapel three times a week with my friends and classmates. One of the first things that crossed my mind, though, when I committed to Westmont was, “Wow, there will be a lot of godly guys!” I was excited by the prospect of meeting great Christian guys —maybe even my future husband.

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